Give Your Clothes A New Touch With Embroidered Patches

People prefer T-shirts, Jeans, caps, etc. have some cool stuff or designs on them which will look good on the person wearing them, totally unaware of the fact that what are those cool designs, how are they made of, what are they called, etc.

Coming to what are they called, well you can use the term Embroidery Patches provided the designs are made from threads and are not printed. That is why the term ‘Embroidery’ is used.

Nowadays, they are also custom-made, that is they are made according to the design provided by the customer and are delivered to them.

How are they made?

How about you go in depth and dig out some details about how they are manufactured:

  1. Make your design

On a paper make your design which you want to be embroidered on the cloth and by design, the inner artistic twists and turns of your design if it contains alphabets or if it is an image you are going to get embroidered draw the image well too.

  1. Determine the colours

Make sure that before you start your embroidering work, you might want to get all the strings of the colours that you need around you. You will not like the idea of going to store in the middle and ask for the proper threads.

  1. Shape your fabric

Get hold of a piece of fabric on which you want your embroidery path on the shape the fabric according to the outline of your design. If you want to prevent fraying, the edges of the backing are heat sealed.

  1. Design your fabric

Layout your design on the fabric is mentioning each detail of the design.

  1. Start your work with threads

This is the part which is going to take your time and patience. And detail to your design with the right coloured thread at the right place. The background of the embroidery design will also be a work of threads, so make you sure you first do the background then go for the main designing and details.

Embroidery Patches can be made both form machine and by hand, though the process remains the same throughout.

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